Covid-19 The Impact on Allen Shopping

Please Do Not Disregard These Facts

Business History is Made!

Allen Texas Coupons

Consumers Now Shop the Internet
for Everything and Anything!

In 2020, the COVID-19 Virus forced Consumers to the Internet for everything from clothing to groceries and for every possible service provider available. For Millions it was the First-Time shopping in the Digital Marketplace. This proved to be a disaster for many brick-and-mortar stores as retail shopping was already seeing a shift to Ecommerce.

As Expected
Digital Transactions Explode!

Retail digital transactions in 2020, were about 16%. Then suddenly Internet Shopping jumped on a Time Machine. Expecting a 1% annual growth, overnight that number zoomed to 27%. We registered a Decade of Ecommerce Growth in Eight Weeks! By the end of 2020, sales increased to 32.4% and went up to 39% in the 1st Quarter of 2021.

Instantly it became
Digital Marketplace Year 2030!

Please Do Not Disregard These Facts

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Impact on Your Business

Impact on Your Business

Can You Meet the Demand
from Today's Internet Shoppers?

Your New Marketplace Characteristics

Shopping day or night from the safety and comfort of your home is now an everyday practice. Consumers save time, have no transportation costs, and they can research and compare prices quickly.

Everyday Internet Shoppers are greeted with thousands of money saving deals resulting in skyrocketing Coupon useage. The Internet has become the "go to place" for Discounts.

There is a huge increase in Digital Shoppers for you to sell, and more are on the way.

Shoppers look for savings for everything and compare prices on everything.

Panic Buying is now a frequent occurrence.

Studies show the average person spends around 23 hours per week on the Internet.

Inflation worries are causing increased buying.

To be Successful in the New Marketplace

You Need to Offer Discount Coupons. Your competition will use them and it will be tough for you to compete without them.

Also, consider the value that each Coupon has as an Entrance to your Website for futher sales as you convert Shoppers into future Customers.

Don't Leave this Money on The table!

Maximize Your Coupons

You must position your Coupons to get the most Exposure possible.

Your Coupons must be Easy for Shoppers to find.

Your Coupons must include a link to your website.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

1. How Many Internet Websites
Display Your Coupons?

2. Do Shoppers Only Find
Your Coupons on Your Website?

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Help for Small Businesses

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Help for Allen Businesses

Small Business Help
Limited Advertising Budget

Small businesses needs an Internet presence that is cost-effective. But, getting customers to visit your website or seeing your advertising message is another matter.

This Problem is Now Solved!
Your Small Business Can Now Advertise
like the Big Companies
But at a Small Business Rate!

Help for Small Businesses
Limited Advertising Budget

Why Use Our Coupon Directories?

Allen Texas Coupons

Allen Online

One-Stop Shopping
for Allen Discounts and Deals!

Allen Residents love the convenience and ease of finding discounts from Allen businesses all in one location.

Currently there are 50+ Coupons from a variety of Stores, Restaurants, Merchants and Service Providers and more are coming.

Instantly Announce
New Products and New Discounts!

Your Digital Coupons can be changed and then viewed within minutes vs. days or weeks with printed coupons.

You create Brand Loyalty as your Customers will enjoy following your new offerings.

Extra Sales
Convert Shoppers into Customers

Your Digital Coupon does double-duty when we provide a link to your company website. It gives you the opportunity to convert Shoppers to future Customers.

Our Coupon Directories are
Highly Ranked on Google and Bing

Why Use Our Coupon Directory? Allen Texas and Allen are specifically designed to help Allen Small Businesses. We are also a home-grown Allen based websites.

Allen Residents support Allen businesses and it shows by our high ranking on Internet search websites.

It's wonderful to have the Allen community support especially during these tough times for some local businesses. We're all in this together.

Your Small Business Can
Advertise like the Big Companies
I Promise!

Make sure you see the Bonus Offer!

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Join Our Shop Allen Campaign

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Overnight your Company becomes
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Super Exposure for Your Company

Allen Texas Coupons

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Get Extra Widespread Exposure
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